Modern Muse | Victoria Ashley of LaundryDay.Co

Last week, we had the great pleasure of connecting with Victoria Ashley, founder of Laundry Day. Keep reading to hear about her background and what inspired her to start Laundry Day. 


"I am originally from a small rural town in Ontario. After high school I attended Fanshawe College for Fashion Merchandising, but dropped out after deciding it wasn’t for me. Shortly after that, I moved out west to BC and lived in a small surf town called Tofino for about 6 years or so. That’s where I launched my first brand and co-founded a boutique called Merge (a cute shop that FAIR. pieces can also be found in! ;) ). I now live in Victoria, BC where I focus full-time on Laundry Day! Laundry Day is a line of design forward smokeware and accessories with an emphasis on modern rituals and home decor. We design products to enhance your space and your mood :)"


We asked Victoria about the conception of Laundry Day. Where the idea came from...

"Around the time that my business partner and I launched the storefront space, I had been experiencing misdiagnosed health issues. This continued for over the course of about 3 years or so. During that time, I began using cannabis as a sleep aid and for pain relief. After coming to terms with using cannabis and how it was healing me, I decided to take ownership over my relationship with the plant and treat myself to my own stash + pipe. At that time, the conversation surrounding cannabis was basically non-existant in mainstream media and was still very stigmatized. I had a really horrible experience after seeking out a shop to buy my first piece, and from that point, I knew I couldn’t be the only person feeling this way and that I wanted to create a company that felt completely different (in every way) from what I had experienced."


Her favourite thing about entrepreneurship has been the people she's had the opportunity to work with to co-create the vision of the brand.

"I am so extremely grateful for all of the creatives and other business owners who believe in LD. There is no better feeling to me than leaving a phone call or a meeting feeling that buzzing energy of inspiration. I won’t complain about the privilege I have to own a business, but the numbers side of things aren’t always fun hahaha"


Laundry Day is on a mission to provide more approachable, design-forward products that dispel stigmas, redefine outdated expectations, cater to modern voices and elevate and expand the industry’s status quo. Crafted to double as home decor items, these pieces can both stand on their own and serve as streamlined vessels — offering a sharp counterpoint to existing options.

And for those who are looking to create a brand or small shop? Her advice, as she's done both was:

"Just go for it!! If you don’t know where to start, but have an idea that you are passionate about, reach out to your community and those who inspire you for advice."


We at FAIR. cannot wait to see where this year takes LD. Victoria hinted that LD has so much exciting stuff planned for the year, and in the near future, they are looking forward to highlighting contributor stories for Black History Month.

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