Modern Muse | MJ Renshaw of Earth Oil

We caught up with MJ, founder & owner of Earth Oil to talk about her journey as a business woman and more about her brand!

MJ Renshaw is from a small town in Ontario. She successfully dropped out of every university and post grad she has ever tried, quit every job she ever had, and finally worked up the courage to start her own company, Earth Oil. Earth Oil is a probiotic skincare line that is mostly found online but has stockists located around Canada.

Earth Oil started out as a mad science experiment to see if supplements and probiotics could be absorbed through the skin. MJ started the company during her studies of Manual Osteopathy and ended up leaving her career path to pursue the creation of an oil that could help people feel more connected to the Earth.

For MJ, the best thing about being a business owner is the creativity and intuition that comes with the job.
"I love the freedom. The worst thing is when I don’t manage my time well enough, then the creativity suffers." 
What makes Earth Oil so special and unique is that it's handmade in small batches, all organic, sustainable, and the only company using probiotics from the dirt!

We also checked in with MJ to see how COVID has affected her business, for MJ, Earth Oil was born around the time that COVID started so it’s all they've known.
"I’ve been so grateful and overwhelmed by the support. It’s definitely made the pace of work a bit more slow, but it’s something I have personally enjoyed." 
"Everyone needs to try rubbing probiotics on their skin. It’s truly the best." - MJ