Our Promise To The World

Fair. is a company that is not only conscious of how our products are made, but where our materials come from. We want to always be a company that openly promotes and supports the conservation of nature. We are a small business which wants to lead by example to show larger companies that small meaningful donations are worthwhile. 

"We as a human race, we share this beautiful world with other living organisms. We can and should help in the protection of this world and all its living organisms."

To this, Fair. promises to donate $5 on everyday jewelry orders $100+ (before taxes & made online), discounted/sale orders do not apply. And 1% of  custom and ceremony jewelry orders! 

How can you hold us accountable for this promise? Once your order is placed, a donation will be made in your name, on behalf of Fair. An E-card from the David Suzuki Foundation will then be sent to your email. So please remember to include your email in your order!


Why the David Suzuki Foundation?

Fair. has spent numerous hours evaluating several environmental charities, organizations, and foundations. We wanted to ensure that your donations were given to a reputable charity/organization with transparent work and policies. Through our research for the best organization to donate to, we found that the David Suzuki Foundation is a 4/4 star-graded organization that leads, supports, and fights for the conservation of Earth. 78% of donations to the DSF directly goes towards funding their cause whilst operating with financial transparency and low salaries for organizational leads. From their website, it appears that they have 3 pillars of focus which Fair. supports: 

Environmental rights - empowering individuals to make changes in their communities.

Defending biodiversity - protecting and restoring species and habitats in the face of the unprecedented biodiversity loss our planet faces.

Climate solutions - accelerating our transition into the new era of renewable energy and shared prosperity.


Fair. will continue to evaluate the effectiveness and legitimacy of DSF. If you have concerns about your donations made on behalf of your purchase with Fair., please feel free to contact us. To learn more about the David Suzuki Foundation, check out their website here