J. - Our Owner & Founder

Hi friends!

I am the founder, jewelry designer, and metalsmith of FAIR. Jewelry. 

My FAIR. story begins at a young age. I was the kind of kid who you'd always see with a sketchbook in her hand. I started out taking art lessons, drawing and painting flowers, animals etc. As I got older, I began to draw clothing and jewelry designs in a notebook. For a while, I dreamed of becoming a Fashion Designer. As time passed, I traded that dream for another one--to become a physician. 

As much as I loved art, I loved helping people more. So soon, I was dedicating all my time to volunteer work and my studies to fulfill my dream to go to medical school. In the end, I got waitlisted...twice. During that period of uncertainty, I decided to go back to my roots. 

What makes me happy? What are the things I do only for myself? 

Travel. Volunteer. Creating Art.

So as I was listening to 'Wish Man by Trevor Hall' I booked a one-way flight to Europe.