The Woman Behind FAIR.

A deep love for design and nature.

Growing up...

I remembered always sketching random fashion doodles that I wished existed. Over the years, these sketchbooks got buried away. Until one year, when I was backpacking Europe the beautiful culture, people, food and views got me creating art again. I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed it! As I walked through the cobblestone roads and passed antique buildings, my love for all-things European grew even more. There I fell in love—inspired by travel and the inherent beauty of Europe the first few FAIR. designs were drawn.

Returning back to Vancouver,

I began training in design and metal-smithing. I traded what was left of my savings for supplies and materials. What began as just me wanting to make quality jewelry for myself to wear soon blossomed into a full-fledged brand. I was always disappointed by the jewelry options on the market—everything seemed to be poor quality or with a high price tag. So in 2017, FAIR. was founded.

To me, jewelry symbolizes

—not only romantic love, but familial and friendship. Each piece is a symbol of a priceless moment in time. So when FAIR. creates new designs, they are curated for the purpose of being wearable art that tells a story of those memorable moments in your life. We create minimalist everyday pieces for the smaller moments and high-quality fine jewelry and ceremony pieces to capture the larger more magical moments.

With fashion rapidly evolving,

I wanted to find ways to minimize our impact on the world but still offer sparkling gems. I spent countless hours doing research to find sustainable materials to make our everyday line from and came to the idea of transforming recycled glass bottles into wearable art when I met a glass-blowing artisan in Alaska. I loved the concept of up-cycling recycled glass bottles into unique glass gems to give the glass a renewed life. From there, our eco-friendly glass collection was formed.

Our fine jewelry is forged for those milestone moments. This is why our fine collection is designed with the desire to be timeless and memorable.

Our ceremony pieces are made for you—made to make you feel special on your once-in-a-lifetime days. These pieces celebrate the highest level of craftsmanship and creativity whilst keeping in mind our responsibility to the environment. It was a conscious decision to use only recycled solid gold and ethically-sourced, conflict-free gemstones in all our ceremony jewelry.

Born from a lifelong passion for fashion design and love for nature. I want our pieces to create not only meaningful connections and memories with loved ones, but a connection with Mother Earth also. I will continue to find ways to become a more sustainable jewelry brand as the brand grows. Making conscious efforts to be aware of our material choices down to our reusable suede packaging.

Thank you for all your love and support. 

Please continue to follow my journey and join the FAIR. Family as we grow.

Thank you for your love and support! xoxo, Jennifer