Our all recycled jewelry collection is an aim to provide a sustainable fashion option, without having to compromise on style and design. 


Fashion that is Bold but Sustainable! 

Although we also work with ethically-sourced gemstones, they are a limited natural resource. Despite being ethically-sourced, mining has detrimental impact on our global environment.

For too many generations fast fashion brands, made profits creating synthetic non-recyclable plastics such as acrylic, resin, polymer clay, vinyl, acetate etc. 
Some brands claim that their pieces are compostable, but that would take 30+ years. These low-quality pieces have a lifespan of only a handful of wears-- held together by glue and unable to be recycled. They ultimately all end up in a landfill. 


Your Trash = Our Treasure

The creation of this new line was inspired by a walk along the beach. The founder discovered shards of sea-glass that were not only beautiful but plentiful. She began thinking of ways to reuse, up-cycle, and refurbish these shards of sea-glass into a beautiful piece of recycled jewelry. Today, we have recycled glass beads adorned with recycled precious metals. 

The glass used to make our glass gems are from recycled glass bottles (water, beer, oils, make-up). Each piece is handmade and handblown. We salvage the bottles the world throws out and turn them into gems. 


What are Glass Gems?

Surprisingly, glass is found in nature. Glass can be made by heating ordinary sand and turning it into liquid sand. 

Because the majority of the glass we use to make our glass beads come from recycled glass and are handmade/handblown --each piece of our glass gems are unique and one-of-a-kind. No one bead will be identical. This just makes each piece that much more unique and special. 


How Do we Make our Glass Gems?

Once the recycled glass is collected, it is purified. Labels and adhesives on bottles are removed and cleaned thoroughly. 

After the purification process, the glass is hand-cut and heated. By heating the glass pieces it can be formed into ideal shapes in preparation for bead forming. 

Once the glass gems have taken their shape, they are high-polished to give a clean finish on its surface. 

The glass gems are then handcrafted and assembled into jewelry pieces ready to be worn by sustainable fashionistas. 


So Why Wear Glass Jewelry?

Because wearing our glass jewelry pieces, you are committing to the importance of sustainable fashion. 


- recycled

- low impact on the environment

- handmade/handblown

- each piece is unique and special

- bold and beautiful



- if dropped, can shatter/break

- occasional internal bubbles/marks