6mm Flat Wedding Band6mm Flat Wedding Band

6mm Flat Wedding Band

From $1,575.00 USD

Conflict-Free | ethically-sourced

unique gemstones

Our gems don't finance civil wars. Ethical gems ensure fair pay, safe working conditions, environmentally sound practices, and no human rights abuse.

Plus, our gems are stunningly unique 💫

♻️ Recycled + refined

Precious Metals

Our recycled metals are sourced from responsible refiners. They come from different sources: old jewelry, industrial metal, and electronics. After refining, the precious metals become available for creation into your perfect piece!


WE'LL Donate 2%

On behalf of your engagement/wedding, we will be donating 2% to the David Suzuki Foundation to help conserve wildlife, fund climate change research, and protect environmental biodiversity. 

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