Claire HoopsClaire Hoops

Claire Hoops

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From $33.00 USD
Gia Golden Jade HoopsGia Golden Jade Hoops
Sold out

Gia Golden Jade Hoops

3 reviews
$66.00 USD
Simone RingSimone Ring

Simone Ring

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From $56.00 USD
Eveline Retro StudsEveline Retro Studs

Eveline Retro Studs

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$61.00 USD
Gia White Jade HoopsGia White Jade Hoops
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Gia White Jade Hoops

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$66.00 USD
Marga NecklaceMarga Necklace

Marga Necklace

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From $28.00 USD
Jessica Hoop StudsJessica Hoop Studs

Jessica Hoop Studs

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$42.00 USD
Aimée Heart HoopsAimée Heart Hoops

Aimée Heart Hoops

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From $33.00 USD
3mm Pearl Studs *Made-to-order3mm Pearl Studs *Made-to-order

3mm Pearl Studs *Made-to-order

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From $81.00 USD
Bella HoopsBella Hoops

Bella Hoops

11 reviews
From $54.00 USD
10K Gold Brillante Ball Studs10K Gold Brillante Ball Studs

10K Gold Brillante Ball Studs

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From $51.00 USD
Anaïs Hoops *Made-to-OrderAnaïs Hoops *Made-to-Order

Anaïs Hoops *Made-to-Order

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From $38.00 USD
Balloon Poodle Charm *Made-to-OrderBalloon Poodle Charm *Made-to-Order

Balloon Poodle Charm *Made-to-Order

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From $182.00 USD
Angelwing CharmAngelwing Charm

Angelwing Charm

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From $126.00 USD
Amanda Diamond Bar StudsAmanda Diamond Bar Studs

Amanda Diamond Bar Studs

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From $162.00 USD

sustainable | eco-friendly


Made FAIR.-ly with ethically-sourced, up-cycled/recycled materials.


long-lasting pieces

Fashion-waste is a huge environmental issue, that's why our jewelry is built to last and our business ethics put the environment first. Shop our high-quality pieces without the high mark-up.


We don’t believe in consumer culture

We strive to be different. Our jewelry is versatile, unconventional, and fit for everyone. Our styles are unique and interchangeable to avoid over consumption + waste.

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