Welcome to the Fair. Jewelry Blog


Welcome to F A I R. Jewelry

We were originally named La Montagnette but have since rebranded. Although our branding changed, our values remain the same. We want to provide high-quality, long-lasting pieces that are ethical and environmentally-friendly. 

The reason for rebranding? As our brand grew, we wanted a reminder to stay fair with our quality, our designs, and most of all our prices. F A I R. lent a simple yet elegant way to express what our brand stands for. 

What does fair mean?

1. True & just

We aim to create pieces that are true to our high-quality standards and true to our prices. The materials that we use for our pieces will be just to the environment.

2. Light & Beautiful

Our pieces are delicate, dainty, and minimal—perfect for the fair individual.


Fair. quality —Fair. designs —Fair. to the environment —Fair. priced


The Fair Jewelry Blog

We have dedicated this blog to help you to understand how best to shop for long-lasting and/or sustainable jewelry pieces. 

There are a lot of different materials, gems/stones, and ways that jewelry is made —so we are here to help you decide what best suits your ideal jewelry collection! 


Very very nice blog. Your thoughts are as clear as mirror reflection of quiet river…… :)

Bunty April 03, 2024

I agree with every factor that you have pointed out. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts on this.

Juliet August 16, 2022

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