Modern Muses | A.R

Meet our Modern Muse | Annabell Ratter

A German entrepreneur, model, and blogger currently living in the bustling city of London. She's the co-founder of 'Today We Love' and she's the type who will tell it as she sees it. She loves catching memories with her camera and is an avid explorer.

Fair. caught up with Annabell to talk about her fashion and lifestyle blog, where she finds her creativity, and what advice she has to offer other young aspiring models.


What inspired you to start your lifestyle blog? 

Being a model, I naturally enjoy the creative environment on photoshoots, but never had the chance to be involved in the creative decisions. The blog gives my business partner (Sara) and I the freedom to create and produce the exact content we envision. Also when I was working as a model, I had a lot of downtime-- slow periods between castings and jobs. Sara and I started the blog together as we found that modeling goes hand in hand with blogging and we wanted to create a medium where we can fully express ourselves, write about current trends, skincare products we like, and share advice about the modeling industry to help other young career-driven ladies like ourselves. 


What is your favorite topic to blog about and why?

I like writing about any beauty products I've gotten my hands on. Furthermore, I really enjoy taking still life images for the blog posts and for our IG account ( I am also an avid traveler so I love sharing about all the magical and romantic places I’ve been to.


Where do you find your creativity?

I enjoy going to exhibitions where I often get most of my inspiration. Listening to music, reading inspiring quotes or books and flipping through magazines.  Taking a long bath and meditating, or doing a quick 25 min yoga session often helps me to focus better and get my creative juices going. 

What do you do to cheer yourself up when you've had a bad day? 

I love running a hot candlelit bath.  Adding some aromatic bath oil, scrubbing my body, and doing a little self-care session always puts me in a better mood.  I save my favorite face masks for a good pick-me-up, followed with a nice face oil and then treating myself to a facial massage either with my fingers or some face tools. 

No matter what happened on that day, this always makes me feel better and lifts my mood up immediately. 

I always try to focus on the positive things in my life and be grateful for everything!  

What is your best piece of advice to anyone wanting to start modeling and/or blogging?

I recommend reading the “Model Manifesto” book by former model and previous Fair Muse Leanne Maskell, this book includes everything you need to know when wanting to start out in the modeling industry. 

Also, I recommend doing some thorough research on which agency you might want to join. It is extremely important to find an agency which is legitimate and treats their models with dignity and respect. 

You can also reach out to established models through social media platforms like Instagram. Many models are happy to give advice, including me! Shoot me a DM @annabell.r if you want any advice ever. 

The fashion and modeling industry is a very tough industry, so my advice is to really think through whether this is the career choice for you and ALWAYS have a side project/job. Definitely try to go to uni/have an education in your pocket whilst you model part time. It is just nice to know you have something to fall back on if you ever change your mind about modeling. 

Be aware that being a model is for most of the time, a very unstable job, and you could go weeks/months never knowing if you'll get a booking or have a monthly income.  


Are you working on anything exciting right now that you'd like to share? 

As mentioned before I’m in the phase of changing my career. I recently have finished an InDesign course and started taking on freelance work as a Marketing & Social Media Manager. This job enables me to use my creative eye, my photography skills, and make use of my experience from being a model (productions of shoots, styling etc.) and my insights from being a blogger.